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File[Report] AI's Effect On The Workforce.pdf2024-04-25 01:41 1091k
FileBroadening AI Regulation Beyond Use Case.pdf2024-03-08 20:16 127k
FileCAIP NTIA Comment on Open Weights.pdf2024-03-28 15:39 284k
[IMG]CAIP-Darkblue.svg2024-03-06 19:51 41k
FileFebruary 2024 House Briefing Transcript.pdf2024-03-08 20:33 201k
FileFebruary 2024 NAIAC Comment.pdf2024-03-08 21:21 1539k
FileIPM_US Senate Moves on AI.pdf2024-04-30 16:10 64k
FileJanuary 2024 House Briefing Transcript.pdf2024-03-08 20:25 207k
FileMaryland Testimony February 2024.pdf2024-03-08 20:34 163k
FileMusk vs. Altman + State of the Union.pdf2024-03-08 20:35 67k
FileNotes on AI, Liability, & Copyright.pdf2024-03-07 23:12 143k
FilePublic Opinion on a Federal AI Office.pdf2024-03-08 20:31 876k
FilePublic Support for AI Regulation.pdf2024-04-18 01:16 446k
FileRAAIA (April 2024).pdf2024-04-08 20:37 447k
FileRAAIA (March 2024).pdf2024-04-08 20:37 447k
FileRAAIA Executive Summary (April 2024).pdf2024-04-08 20:53 36k
FileRAAIA Section-by-Section (April 2024).pdf2024-04-08 20:53 675k
FileReport on Misinformation from AI.pdf2024-03-08 20:32 161k
FileTranscript AI, Automation, & the Workforce—Surveying the Future of Work.pdf2024-04-29 17:21 238k
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